MicroBlue Lists

MicroBlue Lists will all be available shortly on Spotify. These playlists are specifically designed to be precisely 2 hours and 1 minute each; a time frame proven over years of scientifical research and careful dedication to be the perfect length for expanding your musical culture and guaranteed to make your ears and heart much larger without becoming dull. Each experience has been meticulously curated and each is loosely themed.

Music from the entire world and from all time will be in the mix. There’ll be sure to be something that moves or intrigues you, something that makes you think twice, and definitely something that you do NOT like at all, but that’s the point.

You will need to be logged into Spotify and for a richer experience, it is recommended to set the crossfader to 5 seconds.

MicroBlue Lists on Spotify

The lists

mbl1 MicroBlue List 1: Close, but no cigar.

mbl2 MicroBlue List 2: Sophomore